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The most important part of care is companionship.
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Our mission statement

We aim to offer companionship to those who are unable to leave their homes and would like a little extra company to help them do the things that they enjoy.

contacting us

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We can be contacted by all the usual means and our details are at the bottom of the page or simply click here.

examples of activities

Flexibility in care.

Whether it is playing cards, solving puzzles listening to songs or just having a sing along, we will enjoy it as much as you. We can also engage in baking, looking through old photos and reminiscing or simply just sit down with a cup of tea and chat.

many of our customers enjoy

Examples by experience.

We have clients who really just need to engage with society to make them feel included, this really can be as simple as a friendly conversation or playing an old favourite game, nothing is too small.

good food

Everyone loves it!

One of our most popular activities has to be the baking and cooking, put simply everyone loves to eat a good homemade cake or meal. And just like children enjoy making a mess too :-) let's face it has to be our most common attribute, we all have to eat so lets make it fun and memorable.

Blasts from the past

Board games and puzzles

Everyone has a favourite game from the past yet no one has the time to sit and play anymore, and the younger generations just wouldn't understand them as there is no X-Box controller. We take the time to engage and allow the service user to enjoy old memories.

Ready to get started?

Contact myself or one of my support team from your preferred methods below, as I am often working with clients it may be one of our trained liaison staff that make initial contact.

TEL: 07855 - 273692

Or via the contact email form below

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