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Below we expand on our goals and objectives for Community Companion and describe our initial screening process as well as the services we offer although not set in stone, we will also introduce our trusted affiliate partners, they provide other services that we simply do not have the time to deliver.

Community and Friendship

Objectives, Goals and recommended partners.

We previously stated our primary goal of companionship, this has to be our number one goal. We have a vast experience amongst the support team in working with and indeed coping with diagnosis such as Autism, Aspergers, Diabetes, Epilepsy to name but a few and that's just the family.

initially we suggest a home visit where we can decide what works for you, what you are looking for and don't worry it's not like a job interview just a friendly chat to allow us to plan resources around supporting you. It may be that at this point we can introduce some of our affiliates that may be able to provide additional support for you. We are happy to whizz the hoover around and clean up after baking but must stress that we are not cleaners or psychiatrists so you would need to consider additional support if this is for example one of the requirements you are facing, but we can point you in the right direction to a reliable team who can do almost anything, technology, D.I.Y, gardening in fact it's a very long list indeed and can be addressed real-time as needs change.

Our primary support staff member Sue is probably going to be the person you engage with the most, she is very patient and understanding and loves her job and this shows. We have had numerous incredible letters of feedback from client who have worked with her and I believe she is the most valuable asset in our arsenal.

We know what it is like to feel alone or forgotten or perhaps those around you just do not have the time to engage with you in the way you would like, it is not uncommon in this modern fast paced world. The simple things tea and a chat whilst combing through old family photo albums and then the stories that come with it, or just relaxing listening to some music taking you on a trip down memory lane. Or we have the other extreme and why not let all sing along loud and proud it really does revitalise the system and make you feel great.

Then we have all the old board games or cards etc, no one seems to be interested in them anymore but we are there's nothing like getting thrashed by our seniors at just about every game we play! But it's fun nonetheless, everyone is different you may be more comfortable with a brief walk to the local cafe and chatting over a nice coffee or perhaps just sitting in the garden swapping stories basically everyone has their own set ways and there is nothing wrong with that.

That is why we come to meet you, make an assessment based on our conversation and then we can agree an evolving plan moving forwards with no commitment or pressure just relaxed company and we hope great memories too.

We are always interested in feedback either positive or not, every complaint is an opportunity and we would like to hear from you perhaps you can make suggestions that we have missed that would help improve the service, we're all ears.


The Companion Team

contacting us

A coffee in the local cafe, just what the doctor ordered.

So long as you are physically able and it's not a great distance we would love to share time with you in your favourite spot. We find the best stories come out when your relaxed and comfortable, Oh and our stories are rather exciting too something on every page I believe is the correct term.

examples of activities

Are you the holder of a secret poker face?.

We love a good card game, although we never seem to win! Or have you the steady hand to defeat your opponent at operation? I've even had clients show me up at Twister, never did live that down :-).

many of our customers enjoy


Now not everyone can be a genius with today's technology be that a phone or a television, fortunately for us we have one of the best all round technology support engineers available via telephone to resolve almost any problems, former Home Office and Police technology specialist dont let it confuse you, pass the buck.

good food

Baking and cooking.

On your own it can be a chore just to prepare a meal, but if you have the right company it all comes right back to you. The fun and laughter in the kitchen is the best as well as the mess, but after exhausting yourself the rewards of a fresh baked cake.


Blasts from the past

Whatever makes you smile.

So we hate doing the sales pitch it just doesn't suit our personalities we're not selling timeshares just a few hours of professional company engaging with you in whatever puts that smile on your face, in fact we may have to add that to the mission objective. Thank you for reading and please feel free to ask absolutely anything we pride ourselves on providing free and unbiased advice and it's our privilege.

Thank you.

Ready to get started?

Contact myself or one of my support team from your preferred methods below, as I am often working with clients it may be one of our trained liaison staff that make initial contact.


TEL: 07855 - 273692

Or via the contact email form below - The contact for is 100% confidential.

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